Friday, 9 July 2010

We are the champions, my friends...

Just one more game left, and what a game it promises to be:

Spain vs Holland

If there are any two teams who deserve to be in the finals - it's gotta be these two. Both have shown some incredible football over the years, but neither have ever won the world cup. It was about time these two got a chance. Spain and Holland are considered two of the best football teams in the world who have never won the ultimate title in football.

And the irony: they are playing each other.

So, come Sunday one of them is going to grab the illusive cup. The other...will have to try again next time around.

Some of you may be surprised, but my bet is on Spain - wouldn't it be great if they could be the European as well as the World champions at the same time? That would just complete them.

Entonces, Vamos Espana!

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