Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Partnership Building Workshop

A few days after arriving in Belgrade we were invited to attend a workshop which was focused on building partnerships for future projects. There were participants from countries such as Georgia, Germany, Bosnia, Italy, Greece and Portugal. The group was about 15 people. They stayed at the lovely Arka Barka (floating) hostel. What a magical place it is: the staff is uber friendly, the views are to die for and so is the food :)

All in all the workshop took 5 days. There was an arrival cocktail party on Tuesday night. We only found out about this event at the very last minute, so we did not really know what to expect coming in to it.

The next morning we arrived early at the hostel to find ourselves playing 'getting to know eachother' games most of the day. It was fun. We made portraits of eachother among other things. Later on in the day we split up in three groups. We all had to make a short video which had to have a 'thriller' kind of feel to it. My group, which consisted of two Balkan boys, a Georgian girl and an Italian guy, decided to make a video about the prejudices tourists have against Balkan people. We did not really have a storyboard nor clear story line...so most of the taping was done on the go...a lot of improvising :)

Later in the evening we screened the short movies. Ours was definitely in the top 3 (there were only 3 movies made ;))

The next few days were spent presenting each organization, talking about possible future projects and collaborations. Then on Sunday there was a 'see you soon party' where we danced the night away...

It was definitely an interesting way to start my EVS project. Right away, I was getting into a daily routine. It was sad saying goodbyes, as I met some great people. But who knows we might work together again sometime in the near future.

As of now, I can't wait to start working at the Media Education Centre. Today we are meeting the boss once again for a talk.

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