Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Settling in...

I know it's been awhile since you all heard from me, but blame it on the city and its people :) It's so captivating that it's distracting me from doing things such as updating my blog :) But here's a recap of my past two weeks.

The weeks after the workshop were basically spent getting settled into my life as a volunteer. It was a great opportunity to get to know (most) of the people involved with the MEC. I say most, because MEC has so many members, but most only show up when they are needed or have to, therefore there's only a small number of faces that appear regularly. I have met the three educators: Nikola for Film and Boza (most likely misspelled your name - forgive me :)) and Vid for Animation (the latter is living the high life in LA - I mean do you actually work while you're there, or was the task 'just to have fun' ;)) All three seem to know what they talk about - which is useful, since I am clueless and want to learn alot :)

And then there is Sonja - our lovely language teacher! She knows how to make learning languages fun: she's always bringing music or introducing games. Not only very entertaining, but a much better way to remember all the new rules and vocab thrown at us :)

Besides the educators at MEC I have had the pleasure to spent time with my mentors Suncica and Dragan - both are so dedicated to their work, that I consider them more as friends, rather than mentors. They are ALWAYS there when you need them (and they're even there when you don't - which reminds me: can you please turn in your keys to the apartment? Zezam se - I love you two ;)) And thanks by the way for getting me addicted to palańćinke :)

Miomir has told me that I'll be going to Croatia with Andrea (who works with a partner organisation in Novi Sad and whom I have yet to meet :)) I am really excited to represent MEC and will do my best :)

About my housemates - I got so sick and tired of them that I kicked them out over Christmas! I sent Sonia back to Vienna and Johannes and Diego to Sarajevo ;) Nah, I'm glad to hear they enjoyed their holidays...and so did I :) I guess nobody noticed the parties I threw when they were away :)

As for myself - I am really enjoying my life here. I have had the chance to meet a few locals and make some friends. They will definitely come in handy to practice my Serbian (that is in a few months - when I know a decent amount of the language to carry a simple conversation :)) Right now I am looking forward to spending New Years in Budapest. I will be leaving (very) early tomorrow morning and can't wait to explore more of the Balkans :)

Tonight we'll have a little 'New Years Cocktail' at the office - let's make it late, saves me getting up tomorrow :)

To all my lovely readers: I hope you had a very merry Christmas (and to those who still have to celebrate it: I hope you WILL have a very merry Christmas :)) and of course srećna nova godina! Talk to you after I get back from Budapest :)

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