Saturday, 9 January 2010

Buzzing in Budapest

Happy New Year or Srećna Nova Godina to everyone I haven't wished it to yet. Hope that 2010 will bring you a lot of happiness and sunshine :)

I left you off when I went to Budapest. Well, Budapest was truly magical - when I got off the train and walked out the station I walked into a misty looked mysterious and almost eerie, but 5 days later I came to love it. The days were filled with city tours, eating goulash, drinking hot wine and meeting a lot of international minds. It was definitely a visit to remember. New years eve was celebrated in a Brazilian atmosphere. I truly felt like I was in Rio rather than in Budapest. But then we had palinka and I knew right where we were :)

It was sad and hard leaving beautiful Budapest behind, but all good things come to an end...

Back in Belgrade now and preparing for my trip to Croatia, Osijek. I am leaving early tomorrow morning and it will hopefully be a week of interesting, educating, and rewarding experiences.
Talk to you all when I get back. And Happy New Year once again - unfortuntaly I am missing the Serbian new year in Belgrade as well. I have to make up for all these missed celebrations when I get back - so 'More Lovers' don't party too hard while I am gone :)

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