Saturday, 30 January 2010


*I Love Earth...that's the name of my project! After a hectic week of working on it, I was seriously considering changing the name into IHE* Don't think I need to explain what that stands for ;)

The past week was spent filling out the Action 3.1 Cooperation with Neighbouring Partner Countries Youth Exchanges application form. I say form, but it was more a booklet, since it contains over twenty pages!

If that wasn't enough work, I also had to plan and create a programme of activities (containing detailed information on the daily activities - kinda wished I planned a two day exchange rather than a nine day) and write and send out a so called "Call for Partners".

Now this was all new to me. I thought when I had my idea for the project, the rest was just a formality (read= going to be a piece of cake). How wrong was I! There's so much more that comes with writing and submitting a quality project. On top of all that, there was of course this deadline (February 1st), looming around the corner.

Luckily, I am the kind of person that's not scared of a challenge (hence why I took the initiative to write this project all on my own, with no previous experience whatsoever) and, more importantly, will persevere. Well, this drive of mine came in very handy with this project :) Everytime when I thought or felt like I had no clue what I was writing or what I was supposed to do next - I thought of Pancakes. Palačinka with Nutella to be more precise. And bananas. And plazma :) Yeah, the sweet reward that was waiting for me upon finishing the project and submitting it on time :) Did I ever consider quitting or giving up? Not a chance! That thought never even crossed my mind :)

So, this morning we submitted the finished application form + draft schedule + eight Part IIIs. Yeah, we managed to secure some great partners from Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Poland, Turkey, Georgia, Italy and Portugal.

All that's left to do is wait...and hope that the project gets approved. For now, I am signing off. I'll get some sleep. And eat my palačinka :)

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