Saturday, 6 February 2010

Life…from A-Z

Amsterdam , Andrea, Animation workshops, Arka Barka, Avatar, Baklava, Beograd, Boza, Budapest, Bus, Christmas I & II, Clubs, CnC, Coffee bars, Croatia, ћирилица, Dancing, ”Democracy is…”, Diego, Dragan, Eating, Eating, Eating, Film workshops, Going out, Having fun, “I Love Earth”, Irish pub, JAT Airways, Johannes, Kafa, Kalemegdan, Language Lessons, Laughing, Maciek, Maxi, MEC, Meetings, Meeting locals, Meat, Meat, Meat (digestive ;)), Miomir, Molerova, New Year I & II, Nikola, Osijek, Palačinke, Philharmonic Concert, Questions, Rain, Rakija, Restaurant, Schedules, Sitting, Sonia, Sonja, Snow, Sleet, Snow, Sleet, Snow, Sleet, Snow, Sleet, Snow, Sleet, Snow, Sleet, Snow, Sunčica, Sunshine, Talking, Topla čokolada, Ušće, VEGA, Vid, Waiting, Windy, Working, X-citement, You, Youth, Zoo

Yeps, that’s in short what I have been doing in the two months that I have been here. It’s been exciting, new, sad, quiet, boring, fun, surprising, depressing, great, but overall an unpredictable experience. If the coming ten months are going to be just as random as the first two have been, then I know I am in for a whirlwind exhilarating adventure :)

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