Friday, 26 March 2010

Wonderful Warsaw but...

- Belgrade is Better!

Yes, I was away again. This time the Polish capital was my destination. I had never been to Poland before. When the opportunity came up to attend a partner building activity nearby Warsaw, I didn't hesitate and jumped at the chance.

Having spent nearly 4 months in Serbia, I had what some would refer to as a 'reverse culture shock' when I arrived in Warsaw. I knew I was back in the 'West' again, but somehow it felt strange to see shiny buildings, metro, shopping malls with all the big brand names on every corner, and not to mention all the fast food chains...

It made me think of all the 'things' that I have been missing since I moved to Serbia. Yeah, it was great to take the metro again and be somewhere quickly, rather than being stuck in traffic like it always happens in Belgrade. Sure, the shopping malls were nice to look at and I admit I ran into the Starbucks as soon as I saw it...but was I really missing these

- or did I just realize these 'things' were missing in my life when I saw it again?

Honestly, I don't think I have stood still about all these 'things' when I arrived in Belgrade, rather I embraced what was there and simply replaced my 'normal necessities' with the Serbian alternatives.

Rather than using the metro, I used my legs (it's so much faster to get somewhere when you walk than take the bus/tram in Belgrade ;)) I swapped huge shopping malls for the much more original street vendors and moka frappuchino became topla čokolada.

Warsaw made me appreciate more things than one, namely that:

1. I don't miss the "West"
2. I don't need the "West"
3. I don't mind using my feet
4. Who needs shopping malls anyways, when you can get way more unique items at smaller markets?
5. And Starbucks? Who?! I mean, nothing can top a Serbian TOPla čokolada - it's simply the best :)

- Warsaw was wonderful indeed, but give me Beograd any day of the week :)


  1. Hahaha! Thanks for reminding me how amazing my hometown is! I am far away from it at the moment!

  2. You are most welcome! And back to you! :))

  3. Interesting article, indeed. But, you haven't found any Mocca Frappucino or a huge shopping mole in Belgrade??!! When did you visit Serbia? Sure, there's no metro, but you can definitelly have youor Mocca Frappuchino or find any international brand or a shopping mole in Belgrade. :-)))

  4. Dear Anonymous :)

    I didn't say that Serbia doesn't have any shopping malls or moka frappuchinos.

    My point was that I didn't think of those 'luxuries' - that I didn't feel the need for them, because I found other 'things' (Serbian alternatives, if you like) that are far more charming than anything I would find in another chain store.

    I wasn't suggesting that Serbia was 'not modern', if anything I was just praising the fact that it hasn't been flooded with those chains (yet). It makes Belgrade more authentic and that's why I prefer it over Warsaw or any other city in West Europe for that matter :)


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