Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Going Solo...

No, I am not referring to your (Facebook) relationship status here nor the Ayaz hit song. I am talking about traveling by yourself, on your own, just you, yourself and I...uhm, I mean: traveling solo :)

In my previous post I mentioned how fun and exciting the journey part of the travel can be - meeting random adventurous and intriguing characters that you would not normally meet when you go about your daily life. But you don't just meet these people - you have a higher possibility of meeting them when you're alone.

Think about it - let's say you're traveling with your friend(s)/significant other/family (or company in any other shape or form), would you then approach other people on your journey? Most likely not. You're probably going to hang with the people you're traveling with. Also, others are less likely to approach YOU, when they see you're already talking with your travel partner(s) or when you're surrounded by others. That's just the way it is.

- This is why I prefer to travel alone, yeah just me, myself and I.

Not only does it give me all the freedom and independence in the world (think - sleeping in as long as I want or actually in my case, get up as early as I want. You see when I travel, I don't 'waste' my time sleeping. I like to get up early, and with early I mean before sunrise! Yeah I know, I am not your average Joe [I mean Jane, but Joe has a better ring to it in this case]. Other perks include going wherever you feel like and stay there as long or as short as you want. Basically, free to do whatever you want, whenever you want), but another major reason I choose to travel by myself is the fact that I meet people (travelers) easier. When I am alone, I am more likely to just talk with others, because well, even though I like traveling alone, I do it because I like to meet others along the way. Especially wanderers and vagabonds. You know the type, those carrying a big backpack and looking rather scruffy (but in a good way, not in a BOris way).

So, there I was, by myself, in the bus to Mostar. It was the night bus, I didn't expect many people, since it was just a random weekday. But boy, was I wrong. The bus was packed, there was not a single seat left. I was sure that BOris was going to sit next to me as usual...and he did. I was told that the road to Mostar is a bumpy and windy one..."That's gonna be one long and uncomfortable ride", I thought.

- I prepared myself for one of the longest nights of my life...

But then, this guy walked in (Backpack? no. Scruffy? not really. Cute? Totally!). I noticed him immediately, because he was wearing this bright yellow shirt. His seat was somewhere in the back..."Darn", I thought, "here I am, sitting next to BOris, yet again. Why, God, why? Why couldn't I get a seat next to Yellow dude?"

The bus started moving and I turned my mp3 on and UP. A few hours into the ride, we had a break - at last! I couldn't wait to get out of the bus to stretch my legs and get some FRESH air.

That's where we started talking, Yellow dude and I. Turned out he was going to Mostar for some days and that he lives in Belgrade. We talked and talked until the bus started moving again - and I seriously couldn't wait to get aboard to snuggle up to... BOris. Unfortunately the seat next to Yellow dude was still taken.

After the next break, and after some passenger left the bus, I noticed the seat next to Yellow dude was free, so I was there in a blink of an eye. Finally, Yellow dude and I could continue our conversation. And we did, until we reached Mostar. There, we exchanged numbers and promised to meet up when I'd be back in Belgrade.

Back in Belgrade, we met and...what is it they always say? Ah, the rest is history :)

- Well, the rest was indeed HISTORY, because that was IT.

What, you actually thought we'd live happily ever after?! I'm sorry to disappoint you but this ain't a fairy tale, my dear reader, this is life. MY life! Welcome to my life.

But the point of this whole story is not about finding your prince on a white horse (white bus in this case). All, I'm trying to say is that the journey was a whole lot more fun because of this dude. And I wouldn't have met him, talked to him, if I had been traveling with someone else. That I know for sure. So, if you haven't traveled by yourself because you're afraid to or just never even considered it, why don't you give it a go? I may not have found my Mr Right(Now), but that doesn't mean you won't (that is if you're single and ready to mingle)! And even if you don't meet your prince(ss), at least you'll have had an enjoyable journey and in the end, that's all what matters, right?

(Still wished he called back though)

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