Friday, 11 June 2010

Wake me up when September ends

OK, I am just going to say it: I miss snow! I love snow. I want snow. Like right now.

As much as I hated it this winter - this heat is ten times worse. It's suffocating. It's killing me. I mean, if you're cold, you can do something about it. Wear some extra layers. But when it's 35+ degrees outside...I mean you can take off all you want, but it doesn't make any difference. I still sweat like a horse.

I am not used to this heat. I am from a country where it rains. A lot. A place where it gets to 30 degrees max. And that's only from mid July to let's say mid August. And only for like 3-4 days in a row tops. Then it starts raining again. And there's usually this nice breeze, bringing some much appreciated FRESH air from the sea.

That's the kind of weather I am used to.
Not this. Not what I'm experiencing here in Belgrade.

I mean, how do you cope with this? Really, I would like to know.

All I am doing right now is surviving. I am doing my best to avoid the outdoors during the hottest time of the day. That means I leave home at around 8.30ish and get back after 18.00. In between, I'm mostly hiding in some building. Preferably air conditioned. The supermarket has become the hottest place to be. It is like one of my favourite places to hide out. And in particular the freezer section.

Yeah, I know that sounds pretty pathetic.

There is one thing I don't understand though: The overcrowded buses/trolleys.
Why would anyone put her/himself through that?

I mean, in the winter, OK, I get it, not everyone likes to walk in snow. But now, when I see all those people stacked on top of one another, it gives me the chills. All I can think about is stickiness. Sweatiness. BO.

Just thinking about it, makes me wanna jump in the shower.

It's Friday night and here I am sitting at home, while everyone is out, partying and what not. Do I feel like I am missing out?

Hell no. I'd much rather lay on bed, in my cool room, reading some good shit, then sweating my ass off in some stuffy bar. I'm going to hibernate until the summer ends.

In the words of Greenday:

Wake me up when September ends.

PS. If you need me before September, you can find me at Maxi. At the freezers just on the left.

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