Thursday, 17 June 2010

Wax on Wax off

Those were the first few words that I learnt.

-OK, that’s not completely true, but it sounded nice.

The Karate Kid was the first film I ever saw. My older sister was completely and utterly in love with the actor playing the main character Daniel. All I heard every day was how cute Ralph Macchio was. When the movie was shown on TV, she of course taped it. And from then on, for the next two years to come, the only thing I would see on TV was The Karate Kid. I had no choice but to watch it.

-Heck, there was nothing else on TV, for all I knew.

Amazingly enough though, I didn’t get bored of it. It's surprising how much you can stomach as a child. I mean, you can play the same video over and over again, and still they don't get bored. Gosh, wish I could have kept some of that childlike endurance.

Despite the fact that I have seen it so often (I can basically cite you every single line in the film), I still like the movie. It’s just a feel good story. I always enjoy stories where the underdog wins. I cheer for the underdog. They rule.

Mr Miyagi. Daniel San. Bonsai trees.Catching flies with chopstick. Cobra Kai.You’re the best. The crane...

-Fond memories. They bring me right back to my childhood.

So, now they decided to remake the film. First thing that came to my mind: God, I’m getting old. Second: Don’t touch the Karate Kid – it’s perfect as it is. Third: I am so old. I just watched the new Karate Kid. It’s not a bad movie, and mini Smith is adorable and doesn’t do a bad job, but he and the film cannot compare to the original. It just cannot measure up. It may look much slicker in every possible way, but give me the original. I just cannot relate to Dre, like I could to Daniel, after all Daniel brings me right back to my youth. And Dre? Well, he just makes me feel old.

-I think it’s time to wax off.

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