Monday, 4 October 2010

Makedonija Part 2


In Skopje I stay with S. on my first night. A Turk from Istanbul. Says he thought I was Kazakh (?). He can't believe I am traveling on my own. A girl. Hitchhiking. He says he doesn't have the guts to do it. Let alone a girl. On her own. Also says, he can't believe I'm couchsurfing. On my own. Asks if I am not scared? I'm like, scared of what? He's like, I could kill you right now, and nobody would ever know. I'm like, no I believe in the good in people, I don't think about bad things. Think positive and you'll attract positive, that's always been one of my motto's. Then he continues to say, how he just cannot believe I'm not scared and that I should be. There are some bad people out there. Well, I wasn't scared. But if you continue like this, I might be.*

*S. was in fact a real good guy, a total gentleman, who spoiled me to death with Turkish hospitality :)

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