Monday, 4 October 2010

Makedonija Part 6

Monday 27 September. Struga - Ohrid. 0.5 hour. 1 car.

But the hangover wasn't so good. I walk to the end of the main road. Get a ride with a mini van. Thank God this dude doesn't talk. I wasn't in the mood for chit chat. At all.


So, I get to Lagadin (which is 7 km outside of Ohrid) and meet my next host. T. a lovely young woman with a big house with amazing views of the lake. T. is the kind of CS host that every CSer dreams of. She welcomes everyone with a huge smile and hug. And tells them to consider her place as their home. She hosts multiple travelers at a time.

So, when I got there, another traveler from South Korea had just arrived as well. He had been traveling for 4 months. On his bike. He started in Spain and had worked his way through most of the countries in South (East) Europe and was on his way to Greece. Totally weird guy. But in a good way. He was like the first Asian traveler I met in a long time. So when we were walking and exploring around Ohrid the next day, everyone thought we were together. I mean it's not like they see Asians walking around there everyday. So, I don't blame them for thinking we were a couple. Although I don't think we were exhibiting much couplish behaviour. Well. Maybe. We were kind of arguing. About vegetables. You see we were at the vegetable market discussing whether we should buy the veggies there or in a supermarket. I mean a supermarket can't offer the same quality a 'real' market does. But he didn't agree. So, yeah, this market dude selling peppers was staring at us, while we were debating the pros and cons of buying in a supermarket vs. real market. In English of course (so everyone who understood English could enjoy this spectacle). "Have fun tonight", he says...with a look that says everything. I don't know what he was thinking. Well, actually I do know what he was thinking. Let's just say, he thought me and my supposed lover were probably not doing much lovin' that evening.

But there were a few other travelers. D. was traveling with his mom. They were from Brazil. And this trip around Europe was his birthday present to her. nice. I didn't know these sons still existed. I mean, I cannot see many young men traveling with their mom around Europe for one month. Voluntarily. So, I was totally impressed and intrigued by this Brazilian boy. He lives in Manaus, which is right in the rainforest, near the Amazon. He invited me to come to Brazil. Hell yeah! Always wanted to go there. South America has never appealed more to me than now :)

That evening we all play CRANIUM. Awesome game that includes charades, drawing with eyes open and closed, humming songs, spelling, definitions and more. The Korean and I were a team. We showed the Brazilian/Macedonian duo what Asian power is all about and beat the hell out of them :) I guess we didn't make such a bad couple after all ;)

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