Monday, 4 October 2010

Makedonija Part 3

Saturday 25 September. Skopje - Bitola. 4 hours. 2 cars. 1 van. 2 trucks.

First ride drops me off at a gas station in Skopje from where I catch my second ride, which gets me to the pay toll close to Veles. There I hop on a truck with a young dude. He is snacking away on Smokies as I get in. Throws me a pack as well. Asks for sex. I say no. He shuts up. That was easy. If only all pervs would accept my answer so easily. Drops me off at the exit to Kavadarci. There I catch a ride with a mini van. Really comfi ride. Finally a man who doesn't feel the need to talk. Or ask for sex. What a nice surprise for a change. Asking for sex thing was getting kinda old. Near Prilep I catch a ride with a trucker. Nice man. Doesn't talk much either. I like them this way. Gotta catch more of these rides.

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